sukkari dates 800g

Premium SUKKARI Dates 800g from Saudi Arabia by MariamPantry

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ROYALLY DELICIOUS- Natural dates known as ?the king of fruits and the fruit of kings? were originally reserved exclusively for royalty but are now available all year round for everyone
POWERFUL SUPERFOOD- Dates are an understated superfood, packed with tons of beneficial minerals, which are vital for overall optimal health and well-being. Grab some of these today
SAME GREAT TASTE, SANS PITS- If you?re looking for a healthy nut snack that can provide nutrition as well as a great taste, look no further. Our dates come pitted, so you don?t have to do any work but sit back and enjoy
NUTRITION: Highly Nutritious and source of essential macronutrient,Good for nervous system,The significant amounts of minerals make it a super food for strengthening bones
Gluten Free & Vegan - Plant Based Medjool Dates are Good for an active life style, perfect for snacking Hearts best friend, contains oleic acid, improves cardiovascular system. Dates are also an excellent source of nutrition and can be used to lose weight