halva pistachio 800g

Incredibly Delicious Turkish Halva with Pistachio 800g - by MariamPantry

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AN AUTHENTIC TASTING HALVA : Mariam Pantry's halva is made with only the highest quality stone-ground sesame seeds using a traditional Greek method, resulting in the most genuine tasting halva with the perfect delicate crispy fluffy texture with melt-in-mouth creaminess all at the same time!
DELICIOUS FLAVOUR : Experience Halva, the delicious eastern Mediterranean treat enjoyed by so many for generations. The flavor of Halva combines crushed sesame seeds and pistachios for a unique, light, fluffy, nutty flavour.
WHAT IS HALVA : Halva is a delicious confectionery made from Sesame, tahini, mixed with sugar and flavors resulting in a sweet candy confection with a truly decadent taste that you just HAVE to try!
TASTE THE DIFFERENCE : Mariam Pantry's Halva has a crispy, crumbly texture, light & fluffy all at the same time! The base flavor is mild sesame with added pistachios.
ENJOY THE TASTE :Use it as a stand-alone dessert or as a dessert topping for brownies, ice-creams, or merely with a piece of bread as a snack .