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Premium Bay Leaf 50g High Quality for Rice, Stew and Soup - by Mariam Pantry

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FULL OF GOODNESS: Whole Bay Leaf (Laurus nobilis) is an essential ingredient in many soups, stews, braises, and pƒt‚s. There are no artificial additives used at any step of the growing process.
DELICIOUS FLAVOUR: Bay leaf is known for its sweet, balsamic scent and bitter/spicy bite. The leaves are at their most flavorful a few weeks after drying.
EASY FAST & CONVENIENT: Relish dishes like rice (biryani), stews, vegetables and seafood with Bay leaf whole for a delicious Restaurant-like Home Cooked flavorful meal experien
A VERSATILE INGREDIENT: Bay leaf is typically used to season long-cooking dishes like soups, stews and braises, but it can also enhance the flavor of quicker-cooking dishes such as pasta sauces, or even a simple pot of rice. Bay leaves can also be added to baths or used in DIY skin creams.
PURITY: This product is handpicked under strict hygiene conditions. The product is then seal packed in a handy, pouch to retain the freshness, flavour and aroma of the product.